Pure Programming Coursework

These are some of the programming coursework projects I completed while I was an undergrad at UC-Berkeley.

I excluded all the homework assignments from the list and did not include any assignments that are elsewhere on this website.

Computer Science 61B, Fall 2018, UC Berkeley:

Graphs: Used Traversals and ShortestPathTrees to develop a library package to provide facilities for manipulating graphs, and clients which use the package to provide directions between two locations.

Amazons: Implemented an Argentinian board game called Amazons. The rules and spec is available here

Enigma: Programmed a replica of the Enigma Machine, using Java, which incorporated a substitution cipher, and various settable mechanical systems and permutations. The project spec is available here.

Galaxies: Used Java to build the GUI puzzle game Galaxies where users solve various problems to solve a puzzle. More information is about the project I completed is here.

Data Science 100, Spring 2017, UC Berkeley:

Kaggle: Built Lasso and Ridge models to predict the sale price of sold homes in Ames, Iowa.

Classifier: Created a classifier that can distinguish spam (junk or commercial or bulk) emails from ham (non-spam) emails.

Twitter: Used Natural Language Processing to analyze actual data from the Twitter API from the US President’s Twitter behavior.

Data Science 8, Fall 2016, UC Berkeley:

Classification: I built a k-nearest neighbors classifier to identify the genre of a song using only the number of times wors appear in the song’s lyrics.

Inference and Capital Punishment: In this project, I conducted a natural experiment to investigate the relationship between capital punishment and murder. I implemented various statistical tests, created visualizations and drew and presented conclusions.

California Water Usage: Used data science techniques to evaluate water data and income data to evaluate the connections between usage, geography and income in California.

Computer Science 61A, Spring 2016, UC Berkeley:

Scheme: In this project, I had to develop an interpreter for a subset of the Scheme language. I also had to implement some small programs in Scheme, a simple but powerful functional language.

Ants: For this project, I created a tower defensegame, called Ants Vs. SomeBees, PopCap Games’ Plants Vs. Zombies, where ants attempt to defend their queen from the evil bees that invade your territory. Using functional and object-oriented programming paradigms, as well as understanding, extending, and testing a large program, the project was designed to help me understand how programs are built.

Maps: In this project, I used Python to deploy a machine learning algorithm to create a colored Voronoi diagram of Berkeley restaurant ratings using the Yelp academic dataset.

Hog: In this project, I developed a simulator and multiple strategies for the dice game Hog. I used control statementsand higher-order functionstogether, using Python, to create a game with a trained computer opponent.

Computer Science 10, Fall 2015, UC Berkeley:

Pokemon: Created a text-based Pokemon game and battling system, in the visual language Snap!. The game contained the original 150 Pokemon and allowed the user to partake in three levels of a replica of an original Pokemon game.

Deal Or No Deal: Used Snap! to create a copy of the online version of the game Deal Or No Deal.

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