Derek Topper
Data Scientist. Sports Analytics Buff. Enjoys Long Walks on the Beach.



Academically, I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Information and Data Science from UC-Berkeley's School of Information. I graduated from UC-Berkeley with a degree in Data Science, and certificates in New Media and Entrepreneurship & Technology.

Currently, I work for the Tampa Bay Rays in the Baseball Research and Development department. I was previously a Basketball Analytics Associate for the Orlando Magic. I have also worked in business analytics for the New York Islanders, Phoenix Suns and New York Mets and am following my dreams of combining my loves of sports and data!

Born and Raised in Long Beach, NY.

Interests as of Late


  • Finish Grad School
  • Developing a Data Science Course
  • Natural Language Processing


  • React
  • Create Data Science Content
  • Become a Mentor


  • Computer Vision
  • Publishing Research
  • Adjunct Professor


Contact Me

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